Anyway back to where I was initially, our build up to the Office Event which was rudely interrupted by the brutal procedure that is… redundancy! Looking back I feel have learned some vital insights not only into my career and what I am actually capable of but also into life and how someone’s life can be completely altered by the decision of one person. I guess that is where the phrase ‘Power Mad’ comes from, I had experienced a taste of this kind of power and I knew for certain I was not mad on it. I got thinking after this, does my inability to detach myself from this situation mean that I am destined to fail in business? Am I designed to be a teacher and this was the sign I needed to get me back on track? Or are even the strongest of business people tough on the outside whilst melting like ice cream on the inside?

Loosing employees was not a positive thing, sure it helped our cash flow but it didn’t really make so much of a difference that we could say, wow I am so glad we did that. We only lost 3 employees, one being a family member, who I doubt will speak to me again. The thought of doing this on a large scale, 100+, 1000+ is frightening to say the least, makes me wonder how someone can detach themselves from this procedure so much that they make it look like they don’t care.

“As we all know, this is a brutal business and, at times, good people suffer a cruel fate. This is one of them.”~ Matt Millen



About oakfiling1

Sales and Marketing Manager of a small family filing manufacturer. After training as a teacher I have decided to help the family business try an launch its new product into the world. So far its a bit of a struggle...

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