So as  the Office Trade event neared any prior concerns about ex staff needed to be put to one side. This was not easy but too much time and money had been invested in an effort to make this a success already. Approaching the event I found that I had in fact been very organised and we had no issues that required immediate attention or that were going to cause serious problems, we even had time for last minute additions like personalised pens which the director had previously been against!

My check-lists were pretty thorough, I think this was one of the first times I saw my excessive and slightly obsessive organisation and planning as a teacher benefiting my latest career venture.  I think it was here that I begin to think that my teaching degree had not been a complete waste as my ability to plan for all outcomes made the whole process run much more smoothly.

Throughout Uni I would always say, ‘You can never be over  prepared’, which is true but I think you need to add, ‘as long as you can adapt it when things don’t go to plan’. I found in teaching that it can be very disheartening when a lesson doesn’t  go to the way you wanted it to, but you can never predict a child’s response entirely. I think the skill lies in how you adapt that on the spot and under pressure, that’s when you feel like a teacher. And these where skills I could take with me, plan it to a t, but also have that contingency plan that covers every other base.  The hard part is having the charisma and ability to carry it off, adults are much more forthcoming than children in picking up on your weaknesses and using them against you. I think that is one of the negative things to come from growing up.

I guess my point is, can you really have every base covered, an answer for anything and everything asked? And if not how do you get away with it and still make the sale?

Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident. ~Dale Carnegie


About oakfiling1

Sales and Marketing Manager of a small family filing manufacturer. After training as a teacher I have decided to help the family business try an launch its new product into the world. So far its a bit of a struggle...

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